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I am not going to even pretend I remember when the last time was that I wrote in this journal, because, honestly, I do not. I actually just went and looked, and it was back in May, after the end of the spring semester. I am not as neglectful of this as I first thought. This is a good thing.
Things in my corner of the world are going well. I am currently home in Delaware visiting family, where I have been for the past two-and-a-half weeks or so. I return to DeKalb on Sunday, and then the semester starts on Monday, August 22nd. It has been really good to see family as I have missed them being so far away. That is really hard sometimes, but it's only one more semester in Illinois and then I will do my internship in Connecticut, and so I will be closer to them. Last Wednesday until Sunday I was at my grandparents' trailer/the beach, and I enjoyed myself there, too. Our family has also acquired a new puppy, a 13(ish)-week old chocolate Lab who was named Reese. She is a super cute puppy, although full of energy that's for sure. Reese and Dalton get along, although she will sometimes bite my dog's jowls, which he will usually tolerate and then let her know when he had has had enough, although perhaps not as often as he could. As time has gone by, they are getting more comfortable with each other and I think things have evened out now. Reese is growing quite a lot and has definitely done so since I have been here. It's really cute to see. I can only imagine how big she will be when I come back here for Christmas.
Dalton is very much liked by the family, which I wasn't at all surprised about. While at the beach, I was able to meet up with his puppy raisers, Jim and Linda, which was truly fantastic. They are truly a wonderful couple and I am glad to have met and keep in touch with them. I do believe that Dalton recognized them, and so it was a happy reunion for all. I for sure want to meet up with them again sometime in the future. They did a super job with him and their dedication and love for this dog and what they do definitely showed upon meeting them. Dalton was their first dog and they are now on their second, who will be going back for his IFT in September. I will be keeping fingers (and Dalton paws) crossed that all goes well! Dalton will actually cross his paws sometimes, anyway, so it shouldn't be hard for him! I was given a book of Dalton puppy pictures from my raisers which are suuuuper cute that my mom had wanted to scan, and so if that happens, I will upload them to Facebook, and perhaps also to LJ. I am usually more apt to upload pictures to Facebook, though, I will say.
In terms of school, I have one more semester in Illinois, as previously mentioned, and then my internship semester in Connecticut, and then I am done - yay graduation! (I will most certainly be returning to DeKalb to walk in the ceremony). This semester will be all Independent Study classes covering various topics in assistive technology. I am excited about this. I will also be putting in Graduate Assistant hours helpng out with the braille course as I did last fall. It's crazy to think that it has been a year since I started... I have successfully applied to and been confirmed an intern slot at the Veterans Administration in West Haven, CT, pending hire approval, (passing both a physical and background check). I do not foresee any issues here, so I should be good. I should be contacted as far as intern arrangements sometime in October. I just have to be patient until then. The three months between then and January, when I would start, seems like a very short time to figure out relocation, find housing, etc, but it will be okay. I am starting to figure out as much as I can early on so that when October comes, I will be all that more prepared. When I do get the final go-ahead, I intend to fly out to CT to get a look at different places to live and perhaps also the facility at which I will be interning. I can't just decide on an apartment solely looking it online; that does not work for me at all. I have to actually walk through the potential place and get a feel for it to decide whether or not it will work. It will all be fine and work out, though, I am sure. Patience is a virtue.
I think that is all I can think to update on. A congratulations goes out to [livejournal.com profile] mektastic, who is receiving her new guide dog today at Guiding Eyes - so exciting! You'll do great! The rest of the day shall consist of some errands, a visit with my aunt and then I am not realy sure what. Either way, I plan to enjoy whatever occurs. Thanks for reding, and more when and as it happens.
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