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It has been forever and a day since I have written in here. I shall now attempt to fix that.

I still do exist, as does my little corner of the world. Things have been going fine enough. When last I wrote, it was spring break. I am now here to report that Spring semester 2011 is officially over as of this past Friday. I survived the semester with straight A's. I was honestly a little shocked at this. I am very pleased, though, for sure.

I have this week off and then class starts next Tuesday, I believe. Summer session officially starts on June 13th, but a class that I am taking is meeting for a few days prior to that start time. After next week and the one after, I again have a week off and then summer session starts. I am first taking a Home Ec class, and Advanced Assistive Technology will be the class I will take during the regular summer session. Add to that my Practicum hours - observation and direct teaching - and it's no rest for the weary over here, or something.

Dalton is doing well, he and I growing more as a team each day. I have been to the vet with him three or so times this month alone, which is a little crazy. The first time was to get a weight, the second for an exam, and the third for another exam as a precaution after some idiot decided that it would be great fun to run into my dog while riding his bike last Wednesday evehing. Isn't that such a good idea? I'm thinking not! No apology out of the guy, either; only an "It's good." Again, how about not! DDog is fine, though, receiving a clean bill of health, and so that is a good thing. I am in need of a new vet as this one I have gone to in the past I did not have good experiences with; that, and their prices are on the high side. ($20 for a *nail trim*!). I'm sure I will figure it out.

I have no idea when next I will be back East to visit family and friends, which makes me sad to think about, so I try not to. Classes end July 7th, and so I want to be done everything by then or close to it - including my Practicum hours - and then go home for a few weeks before the fall semester starts on August 23rd. I miss my family, and want to show off my new boy! I am most positive they will approve of him - I definitely do!

It's nice to have some time to breathe after running around like crazy these past few weeks. I am in the middle of getting my Practicum placement figured out - slight miscommunications do not really help in doing that, but I think everything is cleared up now. The lack of transportation in DeKalb and $60 or so in cab fair alone, (with I am sure multiple train fares on top of it) to get to the nearest town that has a train station also frustrates this process a little more than it otherwise would. (I definitely cannot afford that the multiple times per week that I would need to, let alone once!). The only real feasible way of getting to the agencies to put in hours, (in Chicago), is to get a ride with another one of my classmates who is also doing hours. That is I'm almost positive doable, which is good, I just can't help feeling stuck sometimes. I would love to be able to get to places on my own and maybe even get to more than one agency to do hours, but it doesn't look like that can happen. As it looks now, I think I will be doing direct teaching hours at the Lighthouse. I don't like this stuck feeling, I really don't. It cannot be helped, a fact that all involved are aware of, I do believe, but it still doesn't make it any easier.

I took a nice walk with my dog to the grocery store earlier and it felt good to get out and work with him. He did very well with no major errors to speak of. Dale (my friend and one roommate) also went with me with his dog, and I did some follow work with Dalton in the store. His 'follow' work was fantastic! I was carrying one of those store baskets, too, and it wasn't a big deal. It was more of a deal trying to position the dang thing in a comfortable enough way so that I could hold it and still work my dog! ALl in all, the trip was a success and ended well. I do think I will end this, post it, go downstairs and get a small eat/drink, take out the dog and read for awhile before bed. I have been able to put more time into reading than I previously could, and I really am grateful for that. It's the little things, really it is.

Take care all, more when it happens.
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