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I actually almost forgot to write a blog entry for today. It's hard to believe, I know, but there it is.

Today was so-so. There were good parts and not-so-good/stressful parts, but it all ended well, which is what counts. The weather today was ridiculous, snowy and cold. Working in said weather wasn't too fun. I could tell that for some of the routes that we did today, Dalton wasn't as on-task as he could have been. He was on task when I needed him to be most of the time, though, including getting me through two traffic checks all within the span of five seconds or so. In the first one, the people in the car admitted to me that they were in the way. Well...if you know that you're in the way, then get out of it! Jut sayin'. Crazy weather brings out crazy drivers, or something. Both traffic checks weren't even in the street, but rather in driveways.

All in all, though, Dalton's work was fine. I mention Prince Dalton, because he had a strong aversion to the slush and puddles that were on the ground. He even went so far as to jump some of them. I'm going to work him in booties tomorrow to see if that does anything. I really can't have him jumping things like that, especially at down curbs, which did happen once. All of the mounds of snow that were on the ground made for interesting travel, too. Is it Springtime yet? I say that, and then I really don't mind the winter too too much.

We again visited the pet store, and he did fine there. I am in the midst of deciding whether or not to switch his food or keep him on the Iams which is fed at the school. I'd like to get a better quality food, but a lot of them are pretty expensive, and he does do fine on Iams. The other issue is if he is switched to a different food, what if it isn't available when I travel? I might have to pack a whole suitcase just with food! Things to think about...

Class tonight went fine enough. I'm still trying to get everything sorted for this semester, but it's slowly and surely coming together. I had a meeting with my advisor today, and that left me with some relief on things as some were straightened out and/or clarified. I have no classes tomorrow, which I am very appreciative of. This weekend will be devoted to I hope relaxing as well as doing work. Both are of crucial importance. I really feel like I have been running nonstop for the past month, and in a way, I guess it's true. It's all good, though. I can't think of anything else to add, so I will end this. My brain is tired, and I need sleep. Take care, thanks for reading and more tomorrow.


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