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To sum up yesterday in one word: surreal. A little bit of stress was mixxed in there, to, but it happens. A good night's sleep has helped with some of that and improved my state of being for now. I hope it continues to hold.

As yesterday was the first full day back at school, away from the sanctuary and routine that is Guiding Eyes, that took a little bit of getting used to. Breakfast was...oh wait, I didn't end up eating breakfast. I was waiting for someone to come take my order for what I wanted. Kidding! That can spoil a person, it really can! Things were kept pretty low-key, the highlights being a trip to Walmart by myself, (I left Dalton at home as I didn't want to work him in the store, it was a quick trip, and it's easier having more hands than fewer for carrying items) and a conference call. I had meant to unpack, but the fact that my suitcase is stil where I left it should tell you where I stand with that. The plan really is to get to that today as more times than not, I end up tripping over it when I go into my room. You'd think I would remember where it is, and I guess I do, but that apparently doesn't make a difference.

As far as Dalton goes, the only real structured thing he and I did yesterday was the obedience routine, which he did fine with. Said routine was repeated this morning, and he tried to cheat on his heels/recalls in not coming all the way behind me to sit, instead choosing to just sit where he was supposed to in coming when I told him to heel. Does that make sense? I'm not so sure it does... The field rep out here gave me a call earlier and said that due to his not feeling well, training would be postponed most likely until this afternoon. I definitely hope he feels better, and health comes before training, regardless of the fact that DDog and I are both really anxious to go out. I actually just took some time away from this entry, (after watering and parking him - it's just after 11:00) and put the harness on him and worked him a little bit around the house - practicing stairs and the "to the door" command, using both the front door and door to my room. I could tell that he was very appreciative of this in the enthusiasm with which he greeted the task. I worked him down the stairs, through the first floor and to the front door first, and then worked him back through the house, up the stairs and to my bedroom door. When I said "too the door" upon reaching the top of the stairs, he went for it and targeted the doorknob with his nose with such vigor that it was really amusing and awesome all at the same time. Granted, it wasn't much work, but it was at least something, and something is better than nothing, is it not?

The trip to Walmart yesterday went fine. I was a little nervus before going, (I'm not one for shopping, especially by myself), but I really needed a few things. I got to the store and found help and all was well. I was also a little anxious in leaving Dalton alone so soon after being home in what is a new environment to him, but he was in his crate, and seemed fine upon my return. It had to be done, and I really didn't have much choice. *insert random comment: I despise squeaking trains! it really gives me the creeps! There are train tracks right outside of my house.

I have yet to figure out why nighttime can bring about the most stress, (perhaps it's because nothing is going on then, and so you have time to think), but I experienced some of that last night. It wasn't too fun, but as I said earlier, sleep has helped. It's amazing the restorative powers sleep has, it really is.

I have spent the morning making various phone calls and such. I have a call into Social Security, and I even called a local vet here and got the fax number so that I can fax Dalton's records over to them. He doesn't eed an appointment as he just had one at GEB, but the woman I spoke to on the phone said that I could fax his records over and they would create a file for him that they would have for when he does need to come in for a checkup. I like that approach, instead of dealing with the paperwork when I need to go there the first time.

I mentioned doing some reading yesterday, but that, too, has yet to be done. I did read on the plane, (granted, it was only three or so pages, but it's something! - it was too loud on the plane and hard to concentrate. I actually slept some, too, which surprised me as I don't usually do that. I guess I was just that exhausted), but just need to finish what's left for this week's class. I have put e-mails into all of my professors and am slowly but surely getting the preliminary things for this semester in order. If I just continue with the "one thing/day at a time" approach, I should be good. No sense in taking too much on at once and stressing myself out unnecessarily. It will all be okay and work itself out.

I think that's all for this entry. I'm off to do...something. I should get lunch. The three-meals-a-day thing is really a good thing. A busy semester isn't exactly always conducive to such, but it is what it is. More soon.
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