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Today was full of activity from the moment of 6:00 AM park/feed/water/park until current time of writing. It snowed some here, and so we class stayed at the Yorktown campus for daily activities. Obedience and distraction practice this morning went well. Said distraction was actually two dogs which the instructors enticed into playing in Alumni Hall. After breakfast, (more on food later), we had a free-for-all in terms of all of the dogs getting to free play in Alumni Hall together. We practiced off-leash recalls, and Dalton did really well with that. He also did very well in having fun playing with the other dogs, which included lots of running around. At one point, I think he was even leading the pack. After doggie playtime, we practiced targeting with the Clicker, which was also a fun exercise for him. Shortly after that, we three ACTION students headed to the Jefferson Valley mall with Graham to do some indoor work. When we got back to the school, lunch was had, and then photos. As ACTION students, we normally wouldn't be in the class picture, but since our departures were put off for another day, (I have a flight out of Le Guardia tomorrow that lands into O'Hare around 12:30 or so Central time), we were able to make that happen. I actually do remember getting a class picture from last time and not seeing me in it, which would explain why. I'm not sure if I knew at the time that I wouldn't be in it, although I must have, because you think I would remember it if I was. Fried brain, anyone?

After the class photos, we took individual photos of ourselves and our dogs and then any other special photos we might want. The environment was, I think, somewhat stressful for the dogs for whatever reason, but Dalton did great. Getting him to sit still for the pictures was somewhat of a challenge, (he kept moving back when we wanted him more in the front of things), but he did finally cooperate, photos were taken and all ended well. I got two special photos, one of myself, Dalton and the ACTION instructor, and another of all three ACTION students, dogs and instructor. I hope they turn out well.

After photos, we had the vet lecture. The rest of the class also had vet physicals for their dogs during the time people were getting photos. That lecture went well, with the customary information being provided and some questions being asked. Dinner was then had, and then lecture, except that ACTION students weren't required to go, as the lecture was on country travel and we had done that already, (last night, in fact). I must tell you that it did seem weird not having to go to lecture.

Food for today was a bacon, egg and cheese sandwich for breakfast, (with coffee), lunch was supposed to be some kind of sandwich, (ask anyone and they will tell you that lunch was the most confusing meal as far as finding out what it was), except it didn't turn out to be a sandwich; something about the bread order not coming in? No clue... I was served some kind of pasta dish thing, which I didn't eat, because...well, I just didn't eat it. Dinner was gumbo with velvet cake and tiramisu. I chose the tiramisu.

I am now doing laundry, (it's in the dryer), and am about to go take my dog to play for awhile. Tomorrow will be a day of travel. I wasn't able to land a ride straight from the airport, and I'm not exactly sure when I'll get home, but the fact that I will is all that matters. It was funny: I wanted to practice revolving doors with my dog, just because of his length; I knew how to do it. One of the instructors, Karen, helped me with it, and it was fine. He had no problems. When we were leaving the Campbell Lounge--I mean Alumni Hall--I told him "to the door", and he took me to both corners of the room with toy baskets before we got to the door. Silly boy! I guess that is his way of saying, "I want to play, Mom!" I shall go oblige him. Oh yes, I got my take-home packet today, and I assume information for the puppy raisers is in there, so I will figure out what that is and be in touch soon. As tomorrow is a travel day, I might not post an entry, or I may post just to say that I made it home, if anything at all. Entries will resume on perhaps Sunday, but definitely Monday, as I will meet with the field rep then for the next week. Take care all, more soon.

Again, I am so glad that people have gotten what they have from this blog. I can assure you that I have enjoyed writing it as much as you have enjoyed reading. I also enjoy the fact that you read, too.

Oh yes, one last thing: answers to questions. I think the only one I had was about chips and snacks being in the coffee room. They are still there, only they're on a table and not the refrigerator. The candy machine is still there, (much to my delight), but I haven't tried to use it. I think that covers everything.
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