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Today was a very good day of training. Obedience and distraction practice this morning went fine, (the distraction in question was a dog, which was very tempting, but Dalton did a good job with it). Morning and afternoon routes went well. We went to White Plains again. The route in the morning was outdoors, and that in the afternoon was a combination of outdoor and indoor. I had the same doubles partner for both. As I said, things went well. I remember in the morning slipping a bit on some ice, and when I came across another patch of ice, Dalton did a fantastic job in slowing down and making me aware of the ice patch before proceeding forward. I do believe that I also slipped on that same first patch of ice in the afternoon, too. Crossings were good, as was his indoor work. I wish I could expound more on the routes, but I'm currently blanking on anything to really expound on. My dog and I continue to learn and bond as a team, which is important.

Food for the day was eggs and toast for breakfast, a Cuban sandwich and lentel soup for lunch, (I wasn't crazy about the santwich), and it was roasted chicken with rice and beans, I think, for dinner, but I opted for a grilled cheese instead. To drink I had coffee with breakfast and dinner and an iced tea with lunch.

After dinner, the three ACTION students went on a country travel (sidewalkless) route. All three dogs did very well and were excited to be out and doing something different. We took turns taking lead as you would in doubles, except we were obviously in a tripple. It's interesting, because the lighting conditions are different, as are the scents in the air. There was one dog distraction, but things were fine with that. The dogs worked hard, and mine is currently asleep. I need to wake him up to water/park him, though. Speaking of sleep, that sounds like an awesome plan. I'm exhausted... I really need to do laundry, but need to figure out the machines. If I don't get it done tonight, that will be on tomorrow's list of things to do. I'm not really even sure what we will be doing tomorrow due to the impending snow. That about wraps up this entry. It's shorter than some, perhaps, but you have that sometimes. Take care, and more tomorrow.
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