Jan. 29th, 2011

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I was too tired to post an entry yesterday, and so this entry pertains to the events of Friday, January 28. I tried to figure out how to backdate this from within the client, but it doesn't seem like it wants to cooperate. I can always try from the website if it's that crucial, which I'm not all that sure it is.

Yesterday was a very good day, and an excellent end to training. All routes were awesome. I worked Dalton in his booties to see if he would be more willing to go through the slush and puddles and the like, and those made all the difference in the world. I'll have to remember that from now on when it's not so nice outside. We orked the route from hom eto school, and he did fine with that. We then worked to the student union, (I had to go the bank, anyway, to deposit a check), and he did fine with that, too. At one point in the wide, open area, to signify a needed turn, I noticed that Dalton flicked his head in the direction really quick before proceeding forward, and so I need to be more intune with that as that is apparently his way of giving me heads up. We came back and grabbed a bite to eat at a nearby restaurant that was within walking distance. I had never been to it before, and so the only orientation to the route Dalton and I had was in going there. On the way back, though, Dalton showed his true colors in that he reversed the route with no problem and was all proud of himself whe we reached the building where my classes are in. It was a fantastic feeling, really it was! From there, we worked home, which also went without incident.

Last evening, the field rep and I gave a presentation on guide dogs to the Advanced O&M class, and I think it went very well. Everyone seemed receptive to it, and I enjoyed doing it, too. Speaking of dog guide or guide dog, that's one thing I'm really trying to figure out as people say both. Is there a real difference, and if so, is it really that crucial? I have heard that guide dog is a term for dogs from Guide Dogs for the Blind, and if that's correct, then I guess the more generic term *would* be dog guide. I've been saying "guide dog" for years, though. It's a hard habbit to break. As I said countless times in class: They don't call us retrains for nothing. Haha!

The rest of my day will include doing some more schoolwork, (I spent the morning reading), a conference call and hanging out with a friend. My energy level isn't at its highest today, but I guess you have that coming off of about a straight month of being busy. Relaxing is also a good plan, I think, and luckily the weekend affords me the opportunity to do some of that. This is officially the end of my training updates, but I hope to update more frequently than I have in recent history. I appreciate all who have taken the time to read and/or comment. It means a lot. More soon.


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