Jan. 23rd, 2011

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I, (and Dalton - of course!), am, as of time of writing, safely back in my house at school. The trip yesterday turned out well. I had actually packed most of my things on Friday night, after doing laundry, and so the last-minute Saturday morning packing job took no time at all. Breakfast was a rather sad affair as it was my last with the class. I was very touched in that the class sang Happy Birthday to Dalton as his Birthday is today and I wouldn't be in class to celebrate it. I said the necessary goodbyes to instructors and classmates and then was off to LeGuardia.

Miranda from the Special Needs department drove me, and I enjoyed getting to know her as I don't think I had before. We arrived at the airport and started to check in, only to realize that there are two Delta terminals and we were at the wrong one. We then had to take a shuttle from that terminal to the correct one. Even before getting to the shuttle, Dalton encountered an escolator and a revolving door. How's that for your first day on the job, and not even being on the plane yet? He handled everything like a champ, though. When we arrived at the shuttle, the driver first asked if my dog could fit in the trunk. Uh...how about no, not at all? Who puts a living thing in a trunk! Seriously! Once we arrived at the correct terminal, I completed check-in and went through security. The only thing I was asked is whether I could take my dog's leash off. Again...how about no? People sometimes!

Dalton and I waited at the gate to board, and he did very well. Once on the plane, he was excellent and didn't have any problem at all with it. I was expecting slight hesitation, but none of that at all. The plane ride was fine, and then a friend met me at O'Hare. Major props and much roommate love to [livejournal.com profile] c_for_chaos in finding me a ride straight back from the airport! It's totally appreciated! I think it helped that Dalton and my roommate's guide dog met at the airport, in that it was neutral territory. Dalton let out one single bark, but after that was fine. I wasn't worried about it. After all, it was a new place, and I'm sure he was somewhat stressed.

I came back to the house yesterday and just relaxed. I looked through the mail that had accumulated while I was gone, and there were a surprising number of communications from Social Security. There is a slight issue as far as that is concerned, but at least I don't owe them money, which is the most positive thing ever. It would be ten trillion times more stressful if that were the case. I will call the local office tomorrow and hopefully get things straightened out.

My roommate came back in the evening from a day in Chicago. She and I sat and talked for awhile and introduced our dogs. The dogs did fine, and the catch-up time was very crucial. We decided to order food from a local restaurant for dinner. I'm not sure how her meal turned out, but I ordered a grilled cheese, and what I got was the saddest "grilled cheese" in the universe, if it can even be called that. I don't even think it was grilled! The bread was still soft! It was more like warmed bread with cheese in the middle of it. It wasn't even melted all the say. Sad sad times for sure! I miss the grilled cheese at Guiding Eyes. They know how to make it right!It's funny, the kitchen staff had wanted to know if I wanted them to make me anything to take with me yesterday, but as I was getting on an airplane, I didn't get anything. If not, though, I definitely would have! On top of the sad grilled cheese, we had made French fries in the oven, and the smoke alarm started going off! No clue... It wasn't like anything was really smoking. I'm going to take the racks out of the oven and clean them. Welcome home, I guess.

Dalton seems to be adjusting well to the new environment. One of the first things he found when he came in the house yesterday was the toy box. I was amused. I will use this day to relax, and then will start working him tomorrow. The field rep who will work with me this week is coming tomorrow morning, so that helps, too. I may make a Walmart run later as I could use some groceries and things. Reading for class should happen today, too. I also have a conference call to attend, but that isn't until 6:00. Speaking of time: I am still on Eastern time, and it's driving me slightly crazy. Going out East isn't a problem, but coming back is, for whatever reason, and it never fails. I was up around 5:00 this morning, I assume thinking it was 6:00. Oh well. I hope I can adjust soon. It usually takes a week or so. Classes this week should be interesting. They end around twenty to nine, and if I think that it's twenty to ten... One last thing: today is Dalton's second Birthday. I parked/fed/watered him when I got up this morning, and then came back upstairs, and he proceeded to go back into his crate. He's allowed to be lazy on his Birthday if he wants. Speaking of crates: I think I am going to have to get a new one as the one I have here seems a little small for him. He goes in regardless, though.

That's all I can think of for this entry. More later, tomorrow for sure.


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