Jan. 16th, 2011

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Today, being Sunday, has been very, very chill here at Guiding Eyes. *insert news bulletin* I have just been informed that two pounds of Duncan Donuts Duncan Dark coffee have been purchased and will be put into the coffee machine in the coffee room on the first floor. The only real word I have for that at the moment is fantastic! Life is good! Speaking of coffee and donuts, I currently have a Boston cream donut and a cup of coffee next to me as I write this. Well okay, so it's atop the fridge, and I am here at the desk, but enough with technicalities!

Moving forward (no pun intended): as I said, today has been very low-key. Part of me is glad about that, and another part isn't really okay with the time off. Yeah...don't ask! We had individual long-line play with our dogs today, where we went into Alumni Hall A.K.A the Campbell Lounge and had our dog on a 40-foot line to play. I kidded some classmates earlier in that I hoped I wouldn't be my dog's playtoy, because he is a rather big dog and I am a rather small person. He had a super fun time with long-line play, and chose to play with other toys and not with me (ha ha!). I had a Wubba that was Olivia's toy, but she has six or seven toys as it is, and so I don't think she misses one. Even if so, Liv, it's called sharing, which I know you know how to do. You'll get to see Dalton sometime and I hope you'll like him. Dalton loved the Wubba. I had it in my hand on the way down to the lounge, (they don't call us retrains for nothing, I guess), and he was fascinated with it all the while, bopping it with his nose. I had to put it away, because when we came back into the room after play, I put it on the bed and he proceeded to take it off of the bed, (yes, he is that tall that he can manage that!), and bring it into his crate with him. His recall is awesome! It took a few times for him to realize that he should come back to me with the toy when called, but it could also be that it was his first time playing in awhile, and he needed to get his squirrley-whirley's out, which he definitely did by running around and playing with toys. He had a fun time nosing around in the milk crate of toys and taking out different toys and having me throw them. There was one toy that wasn't in the crate, (it was somewhere in the room - I have no idea where), that he took the liberty to find on his own and bring back to me. It was a long, flecey toy of some sort with squeakers in it. He didn't try to squeak the Wubba, but mabe he will at another time. He just liked to run with it in his mouth, carrying it by the string-line things on the ends of it. It got to the point during play where I would throw a toy, or he would find one, and come back to me, dropping it at my feet to throw again. I treated him each time he came back when called. I'm not even sure that he was that motivated by the treats; I think he just loved to run around and play. Either way, it works.

While looking through the comments to my blog entries, I noticed that I received one from Dalton's puppy raisers, Jim and Linda. I'm not too sure how you found my blog, (enquiring minds and all that), but I'm super excited you did! (I have no way of contacting you directly, which is why I'm writing this here. I hope you read my blog again and find this). Anyway, I do think that GEB will give me your contact information if nothing else. I'm not positive if they will arrange a phone call between us, but I will definitely ask. I would love that! Regardless, I am all for exchanging information and keeping in touch. I'm sorry a visit can't happen while I'm here, but I would love it if something could be arranged later on. Okay, so this is a little longer than intended, especially on a blog. The long and short of it is thank you so so so so much for contacting me, Dalton is a fantastic dog, and I would love to stay in touch!

Obedience happened prior to breakfast, and we went in groups of three. Dalton did fine with it. Speaking of food: breakfast was a sesame seed bagel with cream cheese and coffee, (I was contemplating wearing my pajamas to breakfast - it's just been that kind of day - and I actually did do it!), lunch was a salami, ham and cheese sandwich with baked Doritos and iced tea, and dinner will be lasagna. After breakfast, I took an hour or so and managed to read a chapter of school reading, so I feel a little better and not like I'm slacking. True, school hasn't even started yet, but I do want to stay on top of things. I'm not done the first week's reading assignment, but I started it, and considering life's circumstances at the moment, I think the three chapters that I have read should definitely count for something. Lecture I believe will take place tonight after dinner, although on what I have no idea. I hope I'm awake enough for that. The chill atmosphere around here is very conducive to my brain being sluggish. If not, there's always coffee! Wow, I have mentioned coffee way too many times in my last few entries. I really am not an addict, and it's not as much of a problem as it may seem from the outside, I swear! Actually, depending on which of my classmates you ask, they may beg to differ, but if you consider the source...

In sports news: last I knew, the Bears were beating the pants off of the Seahawks 28-0 or something like that. The Jets/Patriets game should be interesting, too.

I'm not really sure what else I can update on. I think I have covered everything. Thank you again to all who have been reading and/or commenting. It means a lot that you do so, and I am glad that my blog is enjoyed. More soon.


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